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Abstracting Services

Security American Title’s in-house abstractors have years of experience in searching real estate titles in both Virginia and Maryland. Reports are delivered to you in a clear and concise format. We pride ourselves on our customer service, by providing reliable information with reasonable expectations of a 24-48 hour turn time. We’re also able to deal with emergency situations and rush your orders if needed.

We are happy to offer our abstracting clients the convenience of managing their orders online. Add new orders, check order status and even get your completed order! It’s fast, easy and convenient! Sign up today for an account here.

You can also send us orders by email to neworders@securityamerican.com, you will receive a confirmatory reply back to let you know we have received the order, or toll-free fax to 866-766-4898.

Read our full list of our abstracting products and services and a definition of what they are.

Our customers are our most prized assets. We can’t stay in business without you! We will out-service any other real estate abstracting or settlement company around, because we firmly believe that we are – Security American – Your Source for Full Real Estate Title Services!